The Town

My bro-in-law said this movie was great. He was right, the guy knows movies for sure. This is a classic cops and robbers flick that takes place in the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston. Like any Boston movie worth it’s salt, Ben Afleck is running the show. It’s a great movie.

Charlestown is different from Southy, which is another Boston neighborhood featured in Afleck’s first movie, Good Will Hunting. So Afleck is diversifying into different ‘hoods, which is good. I feel like he’s dabbled in a few other Boston neighborhoods also, but that’s just a feeling.

** Plot Killer Warning **

It’s a great story. Guy robs a bank. Guy finds out bank manager (female) lives in the same neighborhood. Guy follows bank manager to make sure she didn’t recognize any of them. Guy falls in love with bank manager. Guy tries to get out of the game. Guy gets dragged back in for one last gig. Oh yeah, FBI is pissed.

“If we get jammed up, we’re holding court on the street.” That’s what Jeremy Renner’s character says before the big final heist. It foreshadows a big final shootout and chase scene that will rock your world. A chase scene that occurs after robbing the Fenway Park cash room.

Despite the formula and the hyperbole, it was a great movie. The “sunny days’ comment at the end by Claire (the bank manager) was worth the price of admission.