Jar of Hearts (single) – Christina Perri

I’m under the full realization that my media consumption is very male-centric. Most of the authors, lead singers, directors, and main characters of stuff I like are guys. I’m not sure what this says about me. But I’m trying to branch out.

However, when I branch out with stuff like Alanis Morrissette, Grafton/Millhone, and Salander, I notice that the women are usually pretty angry and/or independent. So, digging a little deeper, what does that say about me? It sounds like I’m afraid to go full blast into the Lifetime Network and Oprah. Or maybe I’m just normal. Heck, maybe this thought exercise is occurring because I’m just generally uncomfortable with the fact that this haunting melody (cliche alert!) by Christina Perri was purchased on the heels of another single by a female artist.

Well, let’s get off that and move on to the tune. Not sure who this woman is and where she came from. I heard this song on the same stretch of I-20 in Georgia that I mentioned in Moment 4 Life and I bought it when I got home. I actually purchased it while sitting in our kitchen doing some DJ while Gail cooked (which I helps me get out of doing dishes if I spin some good tunes). I sense some anger in this woman and I like that. Sounds like she’s mad at some dude who dumped her. She says, “Don’t come back at all.” It’s a pretty spare song, mostly vocals and piano, with some background strings or electric keyboards of some sort. Pretty cool. No risk of me getting album though.