On the Topic of Web Apps

I work a lot with Google Docs and I’m becoming increasingly interested in web apps. The idea of using Microsoft Office in the cloud, through the browser, is very powerful and I think it will eventually have a huge effect on finance departments. It’s only a matter of time so I’m trying to get out in front of it.

I will talk about this more and I’ve begun preparing a post on how valuable a well thought-out Google spreadsheet/web form can be for data collection and analysis. Until I finish that, here is a great post from Mary Jo Foley discussing the state of Office Web Apps. As some background, Ms. Foley reports mostly on enterprise issues relating to Microsoft. However, she purchased an iPad about a month ago (her first Apple product ever) and appears somewhat smitten by it. She’s a must read if you’re interested in keeping up with what Microsoft is doing for the enterprise.