Jupiter Outpost


I am a breakfast pastry titan. If I were to enter any sort of competitive eating contest (look out Kobayashi!), it would certainly be in the realm of cinnamon rolls, donuts, scones, muffins, or some sort of quick bread. Yeah, I said quick bread. Well, I actually wrote quick bread, I don’t think I’ve ever uttered the words together.

According to Wikipedia, a quick bread uses a chemical leavener such as baking powder as opposed to a leavener like yeast. The chemical leavener makes the quick bread “relatively uniform, reliable, and quick.” Imagine that.

The classic quick bread is banana bread. I ate it sparingly as a kid but lately I’ve developed a special fondness for it. In part because I’ve sampled plenty of the homemade banana bread at the Jupiter Outpost and it’s really good. Check it out above.

It’s usually the same woman working the counter at this warehouse district coffee shop and I think she’s the owner/baker. They have a full boat of coffee and espresso drinks and some breakfast and lunch sandwiches, but I haven’t strayed from the bevy of quick breads and cakes. They’re all baked daily in a kitchen about 15 feet from the counter and there is no doubting the freshness once you sink your teeth into one.

The banana bread is stuffed with fresh bananas and walnuts. Look closely at the picture and you can see that you get some of each in every bite. It’s moist and tasty and perfectly complemented by a cappuccino.

Did I mention that she makes the cappuccino like it should be made. At Starbuck’s, to get a real cappuccino you have to tell them to make it dry or extra dry; if you don’t you get a latte. That’s not the case at the Jupiter Outpost. Her small cappuccino barely fills the cup past half way – foam and all. Now that’s a cappuccino, plenty of espresso flavor with just a little milk and slightly more foam.

It’s a great place. They care about freshness and they respect the roots of good, Italian espresso drinks. The reviews on Yelp are a somewhat mixed. I just like the place and I’m becoming a regular.