Swim Lemon Coconut Muffins


You have to try the muffins from Swim Cafe. It’s one of my top places so I’m going to dig into it. You may recall this little food adventure, which was my first recorded experience at Swim Cafe. And check out this article by my main man Michael Nagrant, who gushes over Swim Cafe. I strongly suggest you make the trip, because it rocks.

Pictured are the lemon coconut mini-muffins. They’re about one third the size of a regular muffin, roughly. Very small. You see where I’m going don’t you? That means you get outside and inside in each bite. That’s right, you get baked, crispy outside and soft, tasty inside in every bit. Contrast this to one of those those big, honkin’ muffins that you probably bought his morning; once you peel off the top, all you have is a fist sized hunk of doughy death that gets boring at around bite number two.

When it comes to muffins, think small, and think Swim Cafe.

I want to meet Nagrant (I’m just going to call him by his last name because, after all, he is my main man). I have a feeling that someday I’ll run into him at one of the local places because he seems to be a West Towner. What would I say to such a food writing superstar? “Hey, have you ever met Rick Bayless?” Or maybe “Hey, are you concerned that thin crust pizza is taking over the city? What should we do?” Hmmm, I better get a spiel.