Soldier Field


What’s a guy to eat at a Bears pre-season game? How ’bout a Johnsonville bratwurst and some chili cheese fries? Yep.

It was decent. It about lined up with expectations. But keep in mind, unless I’m going to US Cellular, I go in with low expectations. All the other parks in town feel like burger flippin’ rookies compared to the fine chefs at the Cell.

So no, there were no grilled onions left for my brat. And no, there was no corn on the cob. And yes, the mustard was watered down. But plant my buttocks next to my wife in section 445 on a clear, 72 degree night in August with about a full moon and view of the lake – well, you could shovel dirt in my mouth and I would say “mmm, what’s for dessert?”

Dessert was actually a vanilla shake at the Ghirardelli Chocolate shop on the Mag Mile. Hey, we walked from Soldier Field, so we needed some carbs!

I don’t know about you, but if I’m attending a sporting event, I plan my meals around it. I time the meal previous such that it’s about 5 hours before the event. I like to eat either in the parking lot or in the stadium. Grabbing dinner at a restaurant before or after is not an option if you’re hanging with me. If it involves a game, I would rather eat cold cuts in the parking lot than hot food done perfectly in a restaurant. I think it relates back to my childhood when my parents would take us to the race track in my hometown and we would get hot, shredded chicken sandwiches. It defies explanation, but the sandwich tasted better with the roar of the stock cars and a dusting of dirt. Mom just couldn’t duplicate that atmosphere at home, no matter how much TLC she put into the shredded chicken and mushroom soup concoction. Mom, if you’re reading this, did I just give away your recipe?