A Great Food Columnist You May Not Know About

Do you ever read the Newcity free mag? It comes out on Thursdays I think, about the same time as the Reader and The Onion. Well, if you like to read about Chicago restaurants, laugh your ass off, and have some serious discussions about Chicago-related food topics, then you need to go to the food and drink section of Newcity right now.

The main food writer, Michael Nagrant, mixes a warped sense of humor with a large reservoir of food knowledge. His articles are always relevant, very funny, and highly approachable for a foodie-hater like myself.

Just take a read on his last two articles and decide for yourself. Check out his tirade on the new wine legislation for Illinois. He mixes in some light political research with one of his food obsessions. Or how about this one about chain restaurants; he has a dirty little secret that will surprise you.

I don’t see a subscribe-to link or anything like that, so it’s not really a blog that you can stay updated on (I don’t understand why they’re leaving this on the table), so you have to stop back occasionally. I religiously grab the Newcity every week so maybe I’ll post links to his best articles as I come across them.