Village Links of Glen Ellyn


Have you ever seen such a thing of beauty? It’s a bratwurst next to a sleeve of Callaway HX Tour 56 golf balls. It’s becoming abundantly clear that I’m an artist. We’ll talk about the bratwurst in a few moments, but I want to talk about something else first. Lately so many of my fans have asked, “John, how do you stage your beautiful pictures of food? Your composition and balance are always so perfect, bringing in elements of the surroundings that make the food look even more flavorful.”

Hey, thanks a lot.

Well, my theory is that the setting in which you consume food is very important to the enjoyment of said food. Sure, I could eat a cold bratwurst while standing alone next to my car in a barren parking lot during a freezing cold day and still enjoy it. But let me paint a different picture for you. I pull up to one of my favorite golf courses in the world on a beautiful summer day and I’m really hungry – with about 45 minutes to kill. Enter a fresh sleeve of Callaway golf balls and a nice blue mini Sharpie, perfect for putting my personal mark on each ball. Throw in the comfortable cushion of a golf cart, a Gatorade, and two Advil. That, my friends, is called relaxation. Doesn’t this picture just scream the “perfect atmosphere for eating brats?” Isn’t your mouth watering for the taste of a fine encased meat?

I’m with you. Good call.

Notice the lightness of color in this brat. Growing up, brats were always the “white hotdog.” I was sort of afraid of them. But then I tried one and I was smitten. My dad owned a grocery store for most of my developmental years and I remember when the guys in the meat department would wrap the brats in foil and warm them up on the heated meat-wrapper contraption. Wow, memories.

The multi-meat aspect of the brat is probably what gives it the color. It seems that they often have some veal and/or pork in them, so that differentiates them color-wise from the standard all beef hotdog that Chicagoans find so delectable. But I think the sausage-like texture and the spicier flavor make the brat a more enjoyable tubular meat for me.

Unfortunately, Village Links kicked me in the teeth this day and I barely survived. It’s a great golf course though, I still love it and still had a great day.