D’Amato’s Bakery


Sometimes, a savvy restaurateur will fill a starchy thing with something oddly delectable. Take, for example, the Buffao Chicken Spring Roll from Carmichael’s; a fine but unexpected combination. Well, let me follow that up with this little treat. I’m not sure what it’s called exactly, but it’s basically a standard sandwich bun filled with chocolate chip cannoli filling and a little powdered sugar on top.

Yeah, they just pumped a burger bun full of dense, sweet, creamy, chocolate chip cannoli filling and made my friggin’ day. They, is D’Amato’s, at 1124 West Grand. Which is not to be confused with the D’Amato’s at 1322 West Grand. I don’t know if they’re related or not (read the reviews at the links for some takes on this).

D’Amato’s is not the kind of bakery I grew up with. In my hometown, a bakery meant donuts and cinnamon rolls. Sure, you could get a fresh loaf of white bread and maybe some cookies, but for the most part, BAKERY = DONUT.

But there aren’t really any donuts here at D’Amato’s. There are all sorts of fresh breads, buns, rolls, and tons of cookies. I walked in and was prepared to get some sort of mini-loaf of bread for breakfast, then I spied these bun-type things setting on the counter. If you’re a bakery owner and you want to lure John Steffen into purchasing your goods, just set them on the counter in an open-air type of situation. That says FRESH to me. It says, “Hey John, we just took these out of the oven and they’re so damn hot they will fog up the windows in the display case so we just set them on the counter for now. Do you want one?”

Ahh, yes, thanks (suckerrrrrr).

I enjoyed this treat with a cup of coffee from the Jupiter Outpost. I would suggest using a knife to spread the filling around a little as you eat it; like any stuffed pastry, it’s never uniformly spread throughout. Not a problem though. Some day, I’m going to stop by D’Amato’s and get some bread for a sandwich, then run down to Bari and grab some meet and cheese to fill it with.