Hilldale Golf Club

dog zoom.JPG

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! New Feature! I will begin reviewing dogs from local golf courses. This plump and juicy special was purchased from Hilldale Golf Club in Hoffman Estates, IL.

Very good. Note the grill marks. It was definitely made on the grill because I saw it with my own two eyes. Also note the blackened grill bits on the bun. That’s because the grill master put the bun on top of the grill for a few moments to warm it up. That’s a sign that someone cares about food preparation, even if they are caged in a makeshift kitchen between the 9th and 10th holes.

And man was it huge. We’re talking some serious girth. Take a closer look if you will, doesn’t it look thicker than your average dog? It was strangely huge. Not very spicy or flavorful though, but I tossed some mustard on it and it satisfied my hunger. A dog at the turn is becoming a must for me. Let me now if you’ve had any great dogs at local golf courses.