McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts


It’s gotta be tough to be a food snob. I could not imagine living with the idea that I’m too good for a fine dessert like the Cinnamon Melts at McD’s. For $1.59, I had to try them. Of course, it was in the comfortable atmosphere of the Oak Brook location near the World HQ of the beloved Golden Arches.

I got two words for you, “see you later Cinnabon.” We’ll, actually that’s four words, but I got carried away.

If you listen to AM 1000 you’ve probably heard the woman with the sexy voice talking about how this dessert combines “only the best parts of the cinnamon roll.” She is referring to something called the “gooey center” I think. She is not far off base. This is a bunch of randomly sized pastry chunks (?) rolled in some cinnamon sauce and covered in white frosting, then warmed up so it all melts together. It’s pretty good, and you can get it all day.

You may have heard me speak of the four food groups; bacon, coffee, burgers, and cinnamon rolls. Some day I’m going to McD’s and ordering up a bacon cheeseburger, some cinnamon melts, and a premium roast coffee just to say “I had all four in one sitting.” Wouldn’t that make momma proud?