Pequod’s Pizza


The folks at Pequod’s Pizza, 2207 N. Clybourn, make a quality, distinctive pie in a cool atmosphere; especially now that they’ve finished the interior renovation. Above is a live shot of me reheating the pan pizza the day after ($9.95 for cheese, 10″, more than enough for my wife and I).

First, let’s talk about the “new” atmosphere at Pequod’s. I think about a year ago they gutted it and redid it. It was needed, because the drywall-laden place had a bad atmosphere despite the great pizza. Now there is more exposed brick than you can shake a stick at, additional flat screens, and a better bar. These changes move it about 2″ directly right on the C-P Matrix. Don’t worry, there is an update coming soon for the Matrix.

Second, let’s talk about the pizza. They use this term, caramelized cheese, to describe the blackening of the cheese on the pizza. You notice it a little on the edges of the pan pizza above, but even more so on the thin-crust pizza because the caramelization is spread throughout the pie. It adds some flavor and texture that is subtle; I really can’t describe it. The crust is buttery and the sauce is on the savory side. I think it’s in the Top 10 in Chicagoland for me. It’s great stuff.

Finally, I want to get to my reheating methodology. The best way to reheat pizza is on the stove top. I use a little real butter in the pan then just toss the pizza in and cover it. The bottom gets crispy (and buttery) and the cheese melts evenly as long as you cover it. Neither of which, by the way, happens in the microwave. The microwave is best for making instant coffee and heating soup…two staples, actually.