Calling All Restaurants – Grilled Grouper


Attention! Attention! All restauranteurs in the Chicago area, I WANT THIS SANDWICH! NOW!!!

Are you ready for a new semi-regular feature on Tasty Chicago? In this feature, I will highlight a regional food item from another part of the country that I want to get in Chicago, but can’t.

This is a grilled blackened grouper sandwich from Mulligan’s Beach House Bar and Grill in Jensen Beach, FL. It was $11.95, which included a two dollar grouper premium (grouper is a local fish probably pulled from the ocean that day). By golly was it good. Grouper is a hearty, meaty, yet mild fish that holds up well to grilling. It takes sauces and rubs very well and most Florida restaurants give you a choice of how you want it finished. Mulligan’s can just grill it, or they can do blackened, Jamaican jerked, or teriyaki. I like the blackened and I usually add some Tobasco, then wash it down with Guinness.

So why can’t I get this in Chicago? Can’t they flash-freeze some grouper and fly it up? Or better yet, can’t you just pull something out of Lake Michigan and slap it delicately on the grill. There has to be some marine life in that lake worthy of a sandwich, otherwise, what’s point of living near a lake. I beg you people, my loyal readers (all 10 of you), help me. Tell me if there is anything comparable in Chicago and where I can get it. Please. Please.