C’mon, let’s take this thing national baby! Are you with me? The whole country should have the benefit of a Pockets Pocket. You have to be a little more than discouraged that we let Potbelly Sandwich Works get out of town without us. So let’s not let this one pass us by. There are like ten of them in town so we aren’t going to be able to keep it a secret forever.

Pictured above is the Tuna Pocket ($6.99). Let’s talk about this stroke of food-prep genius. It all starts with a square, mini-loaf of bread. They have the loaves sitting around in an “almost ready” state and when you place your order, they pop it in the oven for like five minutes just to finish it off. It comes out hot, they toss it on a plate or in one of those styrofoam trays, they slice it almost all the way through, then stuff it with tons of good stuff. This one has tuna, lettuce, tomato, carrots, mushrooms, green peppers, and mozzarella. It’s basically health food too because they don’t put any mayo or dressing on, you just get that on the side (I always get lowfat Ranch).

Much like a burrito, you don’t want to see me eat one, so I always get it take-out to spare you the agony. What I do is cut it diagonally so that you have two triangular halves. I pick up one half with my left and grab a fork in the right hand. In one fluid movement, I dip the fork in the creamy dressing, scoop up a little more of the filling with the fork, spread that forkful on the bite-target on the Pocket in my left hand (a point about one inch square where I intend to take my next bite), then hurriedly launch my jaws at the bite-target as I pull the fork away. Trust me, it ain’t pretty. But it’s really good. Plus, there are whole-grains in that bread. Certainly it’s not 100% whole wheat, but I dare you to find a fast-food that is this fresh and wholesome. If so, tell me about it.