Pizza Metro Cappuccino


Why is it that my favorite cappuccino in town is from a pizza joint? I will answer that in a few, but let’s first talk about this so-called pizza joint. It’s called Pizza Metro, and there are actually two of them, only about a half mile from each other. The original is at 1707 W. Division, the other is at 925 N. Ashland. It doesn’t matter which one you go to, they are both awesome, and they are actually much more than pizza joints. In fact, I’m doing this in two parts because all the greatness in this place cannot possibly be crammed into one post.

So, back to the cappuccino. How mouth-watering does that look? And, it’s only $2.50 (I think they decreased the price, because the website says $2.65). The froth has a perfect curvature and I think it actually tops out about a half inch above the top plane of the cup. This is actually my pre-meal cappuccino. For the pre-meal cappuccino, I don’t sweeten it at all. I slowly eat away the cocoa-topped froth then sip the milky bitterness before the main course comes. Mmm, mmmm. We will get to the main course and dessert in a few days with the next post.

Why is this cappuccino so good? Well, I can think of two reasons:

  • The guy behind the counter making it drinks them himself. Hey, if it’s good enough for the guy speaking Italian behind the counter, it’s certainly good enough for me and my primitive tastebuds.
  • The guy behind the counter making it as been making them since he’s been about 3 years old. Which is about 15 years before your average Starbucks barista even learns how to pronounce espresso.

If you’re going, depending on the time of the year, you may want to choose one location over the other. The Ashland location has much more indoor seating, so I have anointed it the winter-time Pizza Metro.

The Division Street location has hardly any indoor seating, but has a classic outdoor dining area, thereby making Division Street the summer-time Pizza Metro. They basically just commandeer the sidewalk in front, right in the heart of all the action on Divison street. It’s quite a scene.

Stop back in a couple of days for more details on the rest of the meal.