This is the Patty Melt from Hackney’s in Wheeling (241 S. Milwaukee, Wheeling). Just in case you don’t know what a Patty Melt is, it’s a hamburger patty, American cheese, and grilled onions, on dark rye bread. Oh yeah, one more thing, when it’s all put together, the whole thing gets fried lightly on both sides in a pan or on the grill, with a little butter of course. If memory serves, I think the cost was $9.45 for the half pound version (can’t round that up to $10, smart…very smart).

I’ve stared at this picture and I think the colors are a little washed out. I may need to mess with my camera settings or something. This burger was not done as well as it looks, it was just right (on the medium side of medium well). Yes, I do order my burgers medium well, because I prefer them hot. I know, all of you food snobs are thinking that I’m some sort of caveman. But this one was actually done perfectly for my taste…but then again, I have a wide band of satisfaction when it comes to burgers.

Hackney’s is a suburban hamburger institution with one downtown location. All total, there are six of them. The food is great, service always perfect, and they have a few outdoor patios that are a must for summer dining. In fact, the haiku. I wrote the one below in a moment of joyous reflection after this dining experience:

dark Rye catches my eye
golden Cheese glistening with grilled Onion juice
me belly beckons, tasty friend