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The Escape Artist

The Brits have a monopoly on the creep factor. It amazes me that they create so man TV mini-movies with really, really creepy villains. This PBS Masterpiece Mystery thing is two episodes of about 90 minutes each starring David Tennant, the guy from Broadchurch, and his nemesis is one creepy dude. Continue reading

Mr. Selfridge – Season Two

If you can’t tell by now, Gail and I are PBS junkies. It started a few years ago when we nuked cable for about a year and really got wired-in to this free service. I don’t know where we’d be without WTTW, probably divorced, destitute, and demented. Maybe I’m blowing things out of proportion. Continue reading

Bletchley Circle – Season Two

This is a very catchy little bit of serialized TV. Gail and I liked season one enough to record season two on PBS recently. It picks up a few years after season one it seems and starts out with the same characters. After the second episode the main character leaves, but it clips on with the new person just fine. Continue reading

The Bletchley Circle

Stephen King did me right a few days ago with Parker, so why not let him keep going. This British TV drama was one of his favorite TV shows of the year. It was more like a movie though, it consisted of three parts of 45 minutes each and Gail and I watched them consecutively. That’s not binge-watching by the way, too short. I don’t binge-watch TV shows because I don’t have the attention span. I can barely stay in a football game for three hours. Continue reading

Downton Abbey – Season Three

I got sucked in to Downton about a year ago and it’s been quite a ride. My enjoyment of it has many facets. At times it’s a guilty pleasure, at times it’s a historical reference, and at other times it’s a commentary on class dividing lines applicable to today’s society. This thing has some range. Continue reading

Page Eight

I was just sitting in my hotel room, staring at the TV and flipping channels, and I came across a particularly intense discussion that a bunch of people with British accents were engaged in. I recognized a few of them as relatively famous actors and they seemed to be playing a bunch of spies, so I was interested. I had no idea what channel it was – I was out of town, and this Courtyard by Marriott didn’t have one of those typed up channel guides sitting next to the TV.

I sat and watched it for about 30 minutes with the computer open, half working, half watching Steelers vs Ravens, but then I started focusing. Bigger stars kept walking in (Rachel Weisz, Ralph Fiennes) and the plot started twisting, so it was pulling me in. I didn’t even know the title until after it was over. I guess I could have looked it up, I had a computer with a not-so-high-speed connection (thanks Marriott) right in front of me. But I didn’t.

This was cool stuff. Oh yeah, and completely free.

It was called Page Eight and it was part of PBS’s Masterpiece Contemporary offering. Makes me want to give money to PBS. Also makes me want to figure out how you get on the list to discover movies like this. Dude, c’mon. I can’t remember the last time I watched a PBS movie so how could I have possibly caught previews or heard about this? I think I watched a Jane Austen movie on PBS a few years ago, but I don’t remember seeing any previews for cool spy thrillers like this.

I’m only a couple of weeks out from reading The Spy Who Came In From The Cold so my mindset was ready for a spy movie like this. I think I’m going to read some Len Deighton (Berlin Game) just to keep the momentum.