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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

This movie was directed by Kenneth Branagh, which gave it some street cred in my book. The Jack Ryan franchise is pretty dead in my mind and doesn’t have much of a future, but this was passable. Plenty of action and decent thrills, good for a rainy night on iTunes with G. Continue reading

The Numbers Station

Who doesn’t like hit man with a heart movies? What kind of cold heart do you have to have not to? I’ve seen two (3 Days to Kill) in the last few weeks because the genre works for me. Gail and I put this on one night because we are Cusack fans. He did hit man with a heart in one of my favorite movies of all time, Grosse Pointe Blank. Although this one was certainly not as good, or as funny, or as well soundtracked, it was pretty decent. Good intrigue and they didn’t dumb it down by making the CIA boss the mastermind. Enough said.

Sherlock – Season One

This is complicated stuff, but you may not need to grasp every nook and cranny of the show to enjoy it. It goes so fast and hops around so much that it may require review or re-watching to really appreciate it. Gail and I didn’t go there, we just lapped it up, and it was pretty decent. Continue reading

The Bletchley Circle

Stephen King did me right a few days ago with Parker, so why not let him keep going. This British TV drama was one of his favorite TV shows of the year. It was more like a movie though, it consisted of three parts of 45 minutes each and Gail and I watched them consecutively. That’s not binge-watching by the way, too short. I don’t binge-watch TV shows because I don’t have the attention span. I can barely stay in a football game for three hours. Continue reading


I used to watch football on New Year’s Day. So did my wife, in fact, but those days ended years ago for various reasons. Mostly, it doesn’t seem like there are that many interesting college football games on New Year’s Day anymore. Right? But also, we catch up on our consumption of screened entertainment in January and February. What better way to do kick things off then to read the Stephen King columns in Entertainment Weekly?
Continue reading


I love a good food/drink documentary. This was a great one that Gail found on Netflix. As you can probably tell, I almost defer exclusively to Gail regarding what I watch on TV, save sports. Somm is a food documentary about a group of sommeliers who are studying to pass the Court of Master Sommelier certification test. It’s a hard test to pass. There’s about a 3% pass rate and around 200 Masters in the world as of the filming of this movie. Continue reading

The Fall

Gillian Anderson is a trustworthy artist I think. And my wife is a trustworthy chooser of British dramas. These things came together when Gail suggested we make The Fall our next TV show, and it didn’t disappoint. I mean, wow! It actually blew my expectations out of the water. Continue reading

House of Cards

I’ve said, “this feels like the future” before and I’ve only been half serious. Well, this feels like the future, for real. House of Cards is a modern political thriller representing Netflix’s first foray into original content that has a couple of futuristic aspects. Continue reading

Straight Outta LA

So these 30 for 30 things by ESPN are showing up on Netflix streaming. I was just flipping through the documentaries and Straight Outta LA popped up. Despite my hatred for the Worldwide Leader, I do love these sports documentaries, but I haven’t seen many of them. I hit play on this one thinking I’d check it out and I checked it out for an hour (I watched it all, yes). This is where you realize that not having cable doesn’t exempt you from becoming a TV-watching zombie. Continue reading