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Drinking Buddies

It’s interesting to reflect on Chicago-based romantic comedies in my life time. I cannot even come up with a handful and I don’t necessarily thing they’re all that great. Sure, one  specifically, could be crowned somewhat of a standby and potentially used as the measuring stick, but I’d probably be ridiculed for making the proclamation. Continue reading

Arthur Newman

Gail puts every Colin Firth movie in her Netflix queue. In this one he’s divorced and has a bad relationship with his son, so he fakes his death and heads north from Florida to Indiana in hopes of landing a gig as a “golf pro Arthur Newman.” He’s really just some working stiff who happens to be decent at golf. Continue reading


This was a great flick. Highly original and highly entertaining. It got some killer reviews globally but never really got any traction in the US. Gail and I queued it up on Netflix one evening and ended up really liking the experience. Once again, Gail gets most of the credit for the find. Continue reading

Love Punch

This was some lighter fare to kick off a weekend with my mother, who was in town for a bunch of Frank Lloyd Wright tours. We kicked back on a Thursday night and watched some Netflix, along with Gail. This was a Brit comedy starring Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson. You can’t really go wrong with that. It was funny and touching, with some action thrown in and with a few surprises. Not bad. Fit the bill well for the evening.

Luther – Season Three

It’s difficult to describe the sensation of this BBC TV crime thriller. In once sense it’s a current-day thriller and detective story, but it’s so implausible and gory that I found it helps to treat it like sci-fi/horror. If you do so, you aren’t constantly blowing holes in the plot and you’re prepared for the intense moments so you can keep your wife updated when she turns away (I know this from experience). Continue reading

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

This movie was directed by Kenneth Branagh, which gave it some street cred in my book. The Jack Ryan franchise is pretty dead in my mind and doesn’t have much of a future, but this was passable. Plenty of action and decent thrills, good for a rainy night on iTunes with G. Continue reading

The Numbers Station

Who doesn’t like hit man with a heart movies? What kind of cold heart do you have to have not to? I’ve seen two (3 Days to Kill) in the last few weeks because the genre works for me. Gail and I put this on one night because we are Cusack fans. He did hit man with a heart in one of my favorite movies of all time, Grosse Pointe Blank. Although this one was certainly not as good, or as funny, or as well soundtracked, it was pretty decent. Good intrigue and they didn’t dumb it down by making the CIA boss the mastermind. Enough said.

Sherlock – Season One

This is complicated stuff, but you may not need to grasp every nook and cranny of the show to enjoy it. It goes so fast and hops around so much that it may require review or re-watching to really appreciate it. Gail and I didn’t go there, we just lapped it up, and it was pretty decent. Continue reading