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John Wick

Movies with choreographed violence prompt a guilt response in me. I think they’re cool and enjoyable, but feel that I shouldn’t partake. I do have a tendency to over-indulge at times. This is one of those movies, it got some good reviews and I’ve found myself needing escapism recently. Continue reading

Babette’s Feast

I contend that Gail and I saw this movie about 20 years ago. She disagrees. After watching it again, I still contend that we saw it in the mid 1990s and she still contends that we’ve never seen it, together at least. Who cares really. Just know that I love (and loved) this movie. Continue reading

The Equalizer

Denzel Washington is a top provider of entertaining violence. You don’t feel guilty watching a shoot-em-up if someone with Denzel’s acting chops is involved. That’s just me rationalizing stuff again, but there is an element of truth to it. Continue reading

Homeland – Season Three

Whoa, this season was intense. I’m watching it a year late so I don’t get to see any reviews, but it doesn’t seem to dominate the award shows like the first season did. In my view, I think it just keeps getting better. I’m in lockdown mode on Homeland news now because we’re in the middle of season four and I won’t be able to see it until next summer. This hasn’t been hard to manage thus far. Continue reading


This movie has a lot of potential to make you angry at the Catholic Church (or angrier), but remember, it’s a movie, so they use dramatic license. It’s based on a true story, but just keep this in perspective as you’re watching it. I try to box in my feelings so I can avoid the anger. Continue reading

Liberal Arts

I have a friend whose daughter went to Kenyon, a small liberal arts college near Columbus, Ohio. He mentioned this movie a few months ago because the writer/director/star and a bunch of cast members went to Kenyon. It was filmed on location while his daughter was there. I kind of forgot about it, then Gail and I were flipping through iTunes looking for a movie one night and just before we were ready to hang it up and not watch anything, we saw this was available. Continue reading