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Fahrenheit 451

The first thing I thought of after reading this book was, “Aha, now I know where the people who made Book of Eli got the idea.” My next thought centered around how cool it is to read sci-fi written sixty years ago. If you can’t tell, for the most part, I’m pretty shallow. Continue reading

The Guards

What? Huh? Cool! Those were some of my mixed reactions to this dark, modern day, Irish crime novel by a guy named Ken Bruen. It’s book number one in the Jack Taylor series. I always start with book number one, if I can help it, as you probably know by now. Continue reading

The Gun Seller

This book was written by Hugh Laurie, the dude who played House, which I’ve never seen. I’m familiar with his work though from Sense and Sensibility, where he nailed it, albeit in just a small part. He’s an actor, comedian, and a musician, so he covers all the angles, which probably means it should not come as a surprise that this book combines thriller aspects and humor aspects. In fact, it’s almost overly humorous at times, so much so that it could take away from the thriller aspect. Continue reading

True Grit

This is an amazing story. The story transcends any era or actors or medium. I’ve seen both movies and now I’ve read the book, and they’re all great. The book, of course, is the most compelling because it really puts you inside the head of the main character better than any movie can. Mattie Ross, the fourteen year old girl out to avenge her father’s death, is one of the great characters of our time. Continue reading

Loving Frank

My mom read this book a few years ago and loved it so it’s been on my list of books to read. I grabbed it at a half price sale at Open Books in June while searching for summer reading. It’s a fictional love story rooted in certain facts about an affair Frank Lloyd Wright had late in his career. The story is about the woman, Mamah Borthwick Cheney, mostly. Continue reading


John Scalzi is a sci-fi writer I heard about years ago. You can get the whole story in my write-up of Old Man’s War from back in 2007 (this book blog is valuable). I don’t usually read one-off sci-fi or fantasy books, but there was a half-off sale at Open Books and I needed some summer reading. This worked nicely. Continue reading

Kinsey and Me

Sue Grafton is one my favorite writers. I also like the occasional book about books, which led  to Kinsey and Me. This is Sue Grafton’s discussion of her main character, Kinsey Milhone, combined with a bunch of short stories. Since I’m not a lover of the short story, the highlights of this book for me centered around Grafton talking about her relationship with her main character. Continue reading


I was there for Notre Dame football’s national championship in 1988. I was my senior year though, so I had bigger fish to fry. After reading this book, I realized that I didn’t really appreciate it as much as I could have. At times, this book made me feel almost like an outsider; I didn’t know half of what went on. Continue reading