Downton Abbey – Season Five

This thing has run it’s course pretty much. Oh, we still watched, but it doesn’t have the same zip that it did a few years ago. It remains an important program for Gail and I for nostalgic reasons because it’s the first show we discovered when we nuked cable about five years ago. We have┬ácable back, don’t worry, but this reminds us that no big cable conglomerate will ever have control over our lives (at least “complete” control).

The story was still pretty solid and I think I can speak for both of us that we were adequately engrossed, never bored. But if I had a nickel for every time we uttered “Mr. Selfridge is so much better, when does that start?” I’d probably be able to afford to skip work this afternoon.

Next year is the final season of Downton and I’ll look forward to it, but probably won’t miss it when it’s over.